Melatonin: Sleep Well and Stay Energized

Melatonin: Sleep Well and Stay Energized


What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain, which helps control and balance your sleep and wake cycles. Your circadian rhythm (i.e. your body’s internal clock) influences melatonin production to some degree. Interestingly, the amount of light that you’re exposed to each day has a greater effect on your melatonin levels and, subsequently, your snooze time.

You can maintain effective melatonin levels by consuming foods such as milk, tomatoes, and walnuts. You can also supplement melatonin, which can help you harmonize your sleep cycles, maintaining that “spring” in your step that you desperately need in the morning.[1]


Health Benefits

    • Supports quality sleep [2]
    • Promotes energy [3]
    • Powerful antioxidant [4]
    • Promotes a balanced circadian rhythm [5]
    • Influences a healthy immune system [6]


Melatonin in the Body

Generally, melatonin levels rise after sunset, and stay elevated for most of the night, dropping as the sun rises. You may have noticed that during the winter, you experience increased fatigue and a drop in energy. You also may experience mood changes and other seasonal symptoms in these shorter days. This happens because melatonin increases when it’s dark and decreases when it’s light.


Natural Sleeping Aid

 There are many external factors that can throw off your natural sleep cycle. Insomnia and work-related sleep problems may cause your melatonin levels to be off balance. Melatonin supplementation can help you feel calm and sleepy, improving the quality of sleep that you need every day to function productively.[7]


Melatonin and Energy

Stress, age, and unstable sleep cycles are some of the factors that can offset your melatonin balance. This may result in low energy levels. Melatonin supplementation can help your maintain your energy balance, reducing the feeling of tiredness and elevating your mood.[8]


Melatonin and Jet Lag

Melatonin has been clinically proven to reduce or even prevent jetlag. By taking melatonin at the time of your target bedtime, your body will adjust much quicker to the new time zone, reducing the draining effects of traveling the globe.[9]


Strong Antioxidant

Melatonin increases antioxidant enzyme production in the body, which helps protect your body from oxidative stress and supports mitochondria function. This can help strengthen your immune system and help you fight infections, along with other symptoms of premature aging.[10]


Additional Health Benefits

Melatonin has anti-inflammatory properties and is a scavenger of free radicals and helps promote overall cardiovascular health.[11] Melatonin may also help in supporting a healthy blood pressure, as shown in numerous clinical studies.[12]



Melatonin is proven to be an effective sleep aid supplement that can help regulate your sleep cycles, especially if you experience insomnia, jet lag, and other sleep disorders. It can also boost your energy levels, immune system, and blood pressure levels. Adults at every age may enjoy the health benefits of melatonin supplementation, especially for those who have sleep difficulties.


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